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Are you making work that needs courage? Courage to do it in the first place? Courage to share it? Are you feeling a bit like you just need someone to remind you of the courage you already have?

It takes a lot of courage to be an artist. We all need help to find the strength to keep going. It takes courage to do that. It takes courage to keep going.

But courage is compelling and powerful. Courage is also contagious.

After my own experience with multiple loss and grief I like to think I’ve developed some skills for working courageously, not squashing big feelings but celebrating them, accepting they are part of how and who I am.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already got the sense of who I am from my work. If you think I can help you, drop me a line. I do a 15 minute free ‘Information’ call on zoom – it helps us both work out if we might work well together. I specialise in project support from the standpoint of someone who has spent many years navigating this complex thing we call ‘the art world’. It’s about the different mindset needed to protect your vulnerability (the place the work comes from) from the one needed to survive the hustle and bustle of getting the work out there. They are totally different things. And it’s an immense challenge.

If you want to work with me for a while, a one-off, or long-term, then I am now offering mentoring sessions.

My guideline price is £1 a minute. This ties me roughly to what other people in the mentor space are charging. So £75 will definitely get you a 75 minute session – or, you could call it a strong hour after we’ve done the intros and goodbyes.

But if you think you could afford more, you are also welcome to pay more. This means someone else could have a session for free. I like that – I want to help people who can’t afford it, as well as people who can. Everyone should have access to something that will develop their creativity. Let me know if you’d like to pay a higher price and pay it forward for someone else.

I will increase these prices from June 2024.

We can negotiate how many sessions might work for you to get the maximum benefit.

Specialist writing help – like grant writing / application support / artist statement writing is £100 per hour.