The Trapeze Artist

The trapeze artist shows no fear. “Hup hup!” she says, launching off the platform, leaping to catch the fly-bar in mid air to give the audience a magnificent performance of flight in the darkness.

I think of being in unknown darkness, stitching through the year the world turned upside down. Sleep has been fitful at times. We hope sleep will be restorative. But sometimes it isn’t. Where do we go in our dreams?

I think in my dream I can fly…. maybe it is not an imagining, but a half-remembering. Flying or falling, held by a thread I do not see, only feel. There is a sensation of being on a swing. I feel momentum propelling me higher each time, until I’m not swinging backwards and forwards anymore, only flying upwards and onwards

My sense of the rope evaporates … untethered, I soar through the air. Instead of gravity pulling me back I am suspended above trees, above water, looking down. I see no fly-bar…but I am flying.

I use my thread to mark stitch by stitch, making my own swing sewn to the sky.

In my dream I felt the edge of the universe.…

….and I knew it was beautiful.