2021 – Shyama Laxman – Photomonitor:

Making things to make people feel things.

“Jessa Fairbrother’s work may be about her, but she’s not just about herself.”

2021 – Hettie Judah – Elephant: Why is it so hard to talk about fertility?

“….Fairbrother maintains a conversation with her mother by lavishing acts of care on the images: embroidering them; enrobing them in dried petals from her funerary bouquets and leaves from her garden; re-staging them with her own body; binding them together.”

Jennifer Mundy – Tate 2020 – Severance: Jessa Fairbrother’s Conversations with My Mother 

“Conversations with My Mother is a memorial to love, to grief and, in its cared-for material qualities, to life.” – Jennifer Mundy, Tate Papers 2020

2021 – Interview with Julia Carver, curator for Bristol Museum and Art Gallery
2021 – Artist talk with Alexandra Davenport for The Photographers’ Galler